Rectangular End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Hand Grip
Rectangular End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Hand Grip

Rectangular End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Hand Grip


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Our Teak cutting boards are made entirely of 100% natural Teak wood, which is more durable and more attractive than others like bamboo cutting boards, plastic cutting boards, etc. The surface of our wooden cutting board is strong but flexible, so it helps your knife won’t become blunt through regular use. This fantastic wood cutting board has a multifunctional double-sided design with handles carved into the sides, it will be the perfect idea for chopping meats, slicing vegetables, like a cheese platter, or any other way! Also, it can be used as new home gifts, gifts for your lover, your wife, your husband, or exchange gifts for adults on Holiday Occasions, etc.


Material Solid Teak Wood
Grain End - Grain
Product Size  
CB-24R-03 61 x 45.8 x 3.8 cm
CB-20R-04 50.8x38x3.8 cm
CB-18R-01 45.8 x 35.6 x 3.2 cm
CB-17R-01 43.2x33x3.8 cm
Packing 3/4/5 pcs/carton


  • Reversible usage: The wood cutting board is the perfect cutting and serving board for prepared fruits, meats, and vegetables. On the one side, you can cut on one surface of the product. On the other side, you can use it as a serving board for the food that you have prepared. It supports you to prepare and serve a nice meal to your loved ones. During the preparation of your food, it collects the water flowing from fruits, vegetables, and meats in its groove, and it prevents bad appearance and clutter.

  • Easy to clean: The surface of the product can be easily cleaned. Hand washing is recommended. It is not recommended to wash in the machine. It is not suitable for washing with high-temperature water and abrasive detergent.

  • Hand grips and Juice Groove: The hand grips carved in both sides of teak cutting boards makes it easy to lift and move around, especially when it’s used as a serving tray. This wood cutting board comes with a juice groove all around it. This helps catch any water or juice that may drip from fruits, vegetables or even meats so that your meal remains fresh and keeps your counter always clean.

  • Keep your knife sharp: End grain structure of the cutting board allows it to be much more knife - friendly than others. The wood fibers on end grain boards “catch and release” the knife cuts so they don’t dull your knives.


  • Easy to maintain: All wooden cutting boards will naturally get knife marks and chips after a long time of usage. Fortunately, you can easily remove those by sanding your board with a piece of sanding paper (320-grit or higher is recommended). Remember to sand along the grains. Wipe with a damp cloth, and let it dry completely. Then finish with mineral oil or beeswax for moisturization.

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