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Inspired by the hardworking bees, bringing the essence of nature everywhere, we launched the BeNK brand in 2015. Our products are developed with DIY installation KD or interlocking styles . With skilled workers, our products have been accepted in so many countries around the world. We have trained QC/QA for all process of production. In our chain of journeys, what we are most proud of as well as our slogan is “Bring the true values”, which gives true value to any chain in our journeys.


Who we are? Unlike other brands, we come from wholesalers and own factories that focus on producing and exporting indoor & outdoor furniture located in Vietnam - BeNK., JSC since the 2010s. It is that opportunity that gives us full control over the production process until it reaches the end-user. We pride ourselves on being able to provide users with the best quality products and at the same time offering the most competitive prices without any trading parties.




1. Building BeNK into a systematic, professional, and scientific organization.

2. Strengthening the close connection between members in the system, with the goal of becoming an inseparable unity.

3. BeNK is always aiming for & enhancing its responsibility towards the environment & society, contributing to the common goal of the world.





Bring the true values - BeNK carries with it the mission of "Bringing true values" on the chain of journeys that BeNK goes through, both inside and outside the organization.


We not only “BRING THE TRUE VALUES as our slogan BUT also are striving to dedicate to each labor, each staff, and each client - any chain in our journeys. We always focus on providing High-Quality Products & Excellent Customer Service in order to sustain growth & become a companion with any clients.



BeNK Investment Joint Stock Company (BeNK., JSC) is committed to ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations, and to provide a compliant, safe, and healthy work environment for its employees and business partners.


Health & Safety at Work  

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace that is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the company’s policies. Workers are to be educated routinely on the importance of health and safety, and good sanitation.


Labor Policy

No forced labor, slave, compulsory, involuntary, and/or prisoner labor is used for production. No child labor which is defined as being below the local minimum working age is used. We shall comply with all applicable labor laws and regulations.


First Aid and Emergency Care

On-site trained first-aid personnel is to be available at all times. Well-stocked general first-aid medical supplies are to be located throughout the Facility


Social & Working Conditions

We shall comply with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, maximum hours, and other elements of wages & benefits.

Employees shall be treated with dignity and respect at all times.



We shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.



Thank you for choosing us!