Wood Decking Tile can understand as a material used for flooring which has a shape like square bricks with dimensions of 300x300 mm. Wood Decking Tile nowadays is becoming more and more popular and is used in many spaces in house such as Balcony, Garden, Terrace, Patios, Poolside and many other outdoor places. Nowadays, thousands of high buildings rise closely every year taking places of green spaces. So looking for a green space around your home is not an easy thing. This is too difficult to find, so people tend to create a small green space in their own home. Accompanying with trees and flowers, a deck made of wood outdoor now is the hot trend in Europe, America. The demand for Wood Deck Tiles recently increased sharply day by day, so why do you and your company not try this product immediately?

Some key features of Wood Deck Tiles 

Various Designs & Colours

First of all, interlocking wood tile has a luxurious appearance no less than natural wood, this one also brings youthfulness and neatness to your house and building. Deck tiles wood now has various designs with many colours for you to choose from such as brown, grey, wood or coffee colour. The vertical and horizontal style is also rich and beautiful 300*300mm.


Anti-slip, Waterproof and Anti termite

Secondly, this product can help anti-slip, waterproof and anti-termite. The upper layer of wood is folded into small trenches so that the water when deposited on the floor can escape to the plastic base below. Water flowing down the plastic base will quickly escape to not affect the wood surface above. That's why the wood is used in the bathroom and the outdoor pool, as well as the sauna.


Interlocking without any tools

Third, the transportation and installation of wood decking tile are easier, faster than natural wood and industrial wood. This type of product can also be easily replaced by a flexible latch structure. You can install it in your home without any tool and types of equipment. Save time and money.


If you are looking for a new background for your courtyard, poolside, garden or any other outdoor places, Wood Deck Tiles 6 Slats is the best choice for you. If you do not want to make your courtyard space too boring, you can choose Wood Deck Tiles since today. Guests coming to the house will be impressed with your home from the gate. Why not? 



Having a plan creates a pool in your home, but you don't know which decoration will make your home more luxurious and modern. I'm sure with you that decking tiles are the best choice for you. Garden is where your family has close, funny activities after one hard-working week, where your children will be close to nature and grow naturally. Why you don't create an eco-friendly space in your home now? Many many places in your home can apply this product. Installing Wood Deck Tiles is very easy, you can do it yourself, no need for any tools or equipment.