3-Piece Bistro Set Furniture

3-piece furniture is one of the trends for families with moderate space as well as owning minimalist-style houses. Along with the selection of designs, materials with high applicability are also one of the criteria that consumers are interested in. 


Material: Acacia wood

Table (1): 70x70x74 cm

Chair (2): 42x52x80 cm

Packing size: 103x75x18,5 cm

MOQ: 480 sets/ 1x40HC


A 3-piece foldable Acacia bistro set offers several advantages for outdoor seating and dining. Here are five key advantages:

1.  Space-Saving Design:  Foldable Acacia bistro sets are designed to be easily collapsed and stored when not in use. This makes them an excellent choice for small outdoor spaces, as they can be conveniently tucked away to free up space when needed.

2.  Portability:  These sets are typically lightweight and feature a compact design, which makes them highly portable. You can move them around your outdoor area or even take them with you on picnics, camping trips, or to the beach.

3.  Quick Setup:  Setting up a foldable Acacia bistro set is a straightforward and quick process. You can have it ready for use within minutes, allowing you to enjoy outdoor dining or relaxation without much hassle.

4.  Durability:  Acacia wood is known for its durability, making it suitable for outdoor use. It can withstand exposure to the elements when properly maintained, ensuring that your foldable bistro set will last for years without significant wear and tear.

5.  Aesthetic Appeal:  Acacia wood has a natural and attractive appearance. It adds a touch of rustic elegance to your outdoor space, enhancing its overall aesthetic. The wood's warm tones and grains can complement various outdoor decor styles.

Overall, a 3-piece foldable Acacia bistro set provides a practical and stylish solution for outdoor seating and dining, especially if you value space-saving convenience and the beauty of natural wood.


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