How to Clean and Maintain Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles?

Not only finished by water-based oil which is for outdoor use but also easy to install and care for, wood deck tile is made for long-term use. However, they still require a regular maintenance to keep the attractive appearance of your Wood deck tiles, there are few simple steps you can take to keep the tiles in ideal condition.

1. Cleaning

“Avoid scratching deck tiles by only using soft materials.”

Wipe clean with soft materials such as cloth or sponges dampened in water.

There is no need to add any chemicals unless the surface dirt is not coming away easily.

If the first is proving more stubborn, you can add some liquid dish soap to the water. If you’re concerned that the soap is too harsh, gently work a small amount into a corner of the tile just to see how the chemical impacts it. If no discoloration occurs, you can use the soap on your entire deck.

Wipe dry with a clean and dry cloth or sponges.

2. Maintainance

To better maintain the rich coloration of the Wood Tiles, you can easily refresh them on a regular basis, for example once a year. Like any exterior wood products, Interlocking wood tiles will gradually fade to a gray color over time. The rate at which this will occur depends largely on the climate you live in, the degree of exposure to direct sunlight and the frequency at which any preservative treatments are applied.

Re-staining not only renews the color of the Deck Tile but also prevents surfaces from dying out and moisture from penetrating into the wood.


Don’t clean and re-stain the tile under the direct sunlight.

  1. Use small sandpaper or soft brush to sand the surface before re-stain.
  2. Shake the container well and apply a thin, even coat of stain to the deck tile using a brush or sponge. Apply on the entire surface at once and in the direction of the grain
  3. Water-based stain dries quickly so be sure to wipe off any excess with a dry cloth directly after application.

Wash brushes and your hands with soap and water.